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Welcome to PurelySolar

                              PurelySolar Is Your One Stop Solar Shop For All Your Solar Needs!

                                                    Going solar may cost less than you expect!

   Many people believe that "going solar" is an expensive and time consuming ordeal. At PurelySolar, our goal is to let you know that it doesn't have to be that way! Although you may not be ready for a complete overhaul of your home's power system, even small changes can have a big impact on your electric bill, as well as the environment. PurelySolar is proud to offer many hundreds of affordable solar powered products to help you get started. Browse our extensive collection and begin your solar journey!

                                                                        Why go solar at all?

    The traditional utility grid is an outdated model. Why buy expensive electricity when you can capture and store your own free energy?

    And believe us - there's plenty of sunshine to go around.

    According to National Geographic, enough solar power hits Earth every hour to cover the world's electricity needs for an entire year.

    Whether to illuminate your garden, charge your cellphone, or power your entire home - each additional watt of solar energy decreases your utility bill. Done correctly, you can even cut your electricity spending to $0 a month. (To estimate your savings by installing a home solar power system, check out this valuable "solar energy calculator" by clicking here.)

    When you go solar, you're not just saving money. You're also helping the environment. The photovoltaic (PV) products in our catalog don't pollute. They convert clean sunshine into electricity that you can use to power your lights, home appliances - or even your entire home.

                                                                      PurelySolar is different!

    At PurelySolar, we're focused exclusively on solar products. We offer an unbeatable selection of high quality solar products from some of the most trusted names in the industry. Look around our site and discover ideas for going solar in ways you may not have known existed! We are your one-stop source for your journey to clean energy.

    Also, in a bid to make solar affordable, we try to keep our prices amongst the lowest in the field. Shop around and compare! (Sign up to our newsletter and get 5% off every order!)

                                                                                 Begin Shopping Now

    Use the quick navigation links below to see the solar products we carry:

  • Solar for the Home - From attic fans to motion lights to solar powered DC (direct current) appliances, shop our selection of home improvement solar products. Let the sunshine in!
  • Solar for the Garden - Whether to illuminate your yard or any outdoor space (check out our selection of bright, high output solar lamps, spot lights and security lights!), manage pests, or power your fountain, we've got you covered with our extensive line of solar products for the patio and garden. Power your garden with free sunshine!
  • Solar for Camping - Tired of lugging around heavy generators and buying expensive batteries? Solar is an affordable, portable technology that easily adapts to the most active lifestyles. If you enjoy camping, boating, or travelling, be sure to check out some of these amazing products (ever heard of solar backpacks?).
  • Solar Panels and Accessories - Reduce your utility bill to $0 by capturing and storing sunshine for the whole family. From solar panels to batteries, inverters, charge controllers and mounts, we'll help you unplug from the grid and power your home with clean energy.

                                                                                      Have Questions?

    If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, contact us today! We respond in a timely manner to every call and email.