Solar Power Home Emergency 10 Led 3 Watt Xl Kit

Solar Power Home Emergency 10 Led 3 Watt Xl KitSolar Power Home Emergency 10 Led 3 Watt Xl Kit
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Solar Power Home Emergency Kit

The flexibility and uses of this flashlight from Purely Solar are impressive. It is solar powered, lightweight at about 1 pound, and versatile with changing heads. The 3 watt 120 lumen spot light head can shine up to 100 meters or 328 feet. The 40 lumen 10 led flexible 24 inch neck can be wrapped around poles for hands free operation and it also gets into tight spots that other flashlights don’t. The flexible tube light comes with a red lens filter for better night vision and a green lens filter for those that work with animals. This is one of the greenest environmentally friendly flashlights that we have seen since it is solar powered and made from recycled aluminum. This flashlight makes a great gift or tool for: Mechanics environmentally friendly conscious people Technicians, gadget lovers, Crafters and jewelry makers, people who like to save money Outdoorsmen & women, people who forget to buy batteries, Anyone who needs to see in tight spots, emergency storm kits Anyone camping or going on safari, and sooo much more! 

Ultimate 3 Watt Head: 

  • Our most luminous attachment, it projects up to 100 meters. 
  • 3 Watt (120 Lumen) Spotlight Head. 
  • 90 minutes of use with full charge. 
  • Ultra Bright, High Performance LED will last 20,000 hours of use. 
  • Ultimate 10 LED Extra Long Flexible Tube Light: 
  • The flexible tube light can easily get light into tight areas other flashlights cannot. It can also be wrapped around poles for hands free light use. 
  • 10 LED 40 Lumen flexible tube lighting. 
  • Red and green lens filters. 
  • 7 hours of use with full charge. 
  • 100,000 hour LED life expectancy. 
  • 600mm flex tube length. 
  • Ultimate Solar Base Charger: 
  • The Ultimate Solar Base Charger is capable of powering any nine of the Ultimate Series attachments. 
  • Charges in direct sunlight. 8 hours = 80% capacity; 16 hours = 100%. Slow self-discharge rate of 2% per month. Keeps 75% charge after 12 months. 
  • High efficiency solar panels. Solar panel output: 62.5mA @ 4.5V, 0.28W. 
  • Two AA Ni-Mh batteries (1.2V 2400mAh ea.) Rechargeable up 1,000 times each. 
  • Made of high quality recycled aluminum. 
  • Dimensions: 159mm*25mm. 

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