Hottest Solar Products For Spring

by Stephanie Sylvester

With longer days and plentiful sunshine, it’s time to think about some great solar-powered products to help your garden and patio shine this spring and summer. At Modernize, we enjoy products that provide contemporary style and while utilizing naturally harnessed energy. Purely Solar offers an amazing selection of solar powered products that bring functional beauty to your outdoor spaces.

Solar lamps are gaining popularity with homeowners who wish to harness the abundant energy of the sun to provide light for porches, patios, and gardens. You can slash your utility bills without retreating into darkness. Add energy efficient accent lighting to your garden with solar lamps, like the Gama Sonic Flora Series GS-113F pictured below.



Patio Decor

Add curb appeal with this gorgeous Multipurpose Solar Plantern. With adjustable heights ranging from 21 to 37 inches, this plantern will provide lighting that illuminates blooms or foliage, creating a beautiful outdoor display. This plantern can be free-standing, or installed in-ground or wall-mounted. The planter can be removed if you would prefer to light another piece of outdoor decor.



Transform your garden into an Italian escape with a wall-mounted solar-powered fountain, like the Sunnydaze Venetian model from Purely Solar. Best placed where the fountain will receive ample sunlight, this fountain can use solar power, but can also run on battery when needed. The solar energy will charge the batteries when the batteries are not in use. There is also an option to add LED lighting for a visually striking effect.



High output security spotlights can be powered by the sun, providing safety without the high cost of electricity. In the past, consumers worried that solar products did not produce lighting as bright as its traditional electric counterparts. But solar lighting technology has continually improved, and Purely Solar now offers efficient, bright solar lights. “These lights can compete with traditional line voltage lights, allowing you to enjoy the many benefits of going solar without sacrificing on quality or performance.” The Gama Sonic GS-150 Solar Spotlight with Color Changing Lenses provide four lenses to add style and personality to functional lighting.




Spring is the time to prepare your outdoor spaces with all of the beauty and lighting you wish to enjoy during the warm months to come. Accent lighting, fountains, and lamps will bring functional style, while spotlights fueled by free sunshine will provide safety when navigating your garden after sunset. Purely Solar’s selection provides products for savvy, eco-conscious homeowners to enjoy energy-efficient lighting and decor. The outdoor lighting products range in price, but all will eventually pay for themselves as your utility bill decreases. Take the time this spring to invest in affordable, efficient, money-saving products that will illuminate your garden and walkways, and provide a gorgeous ambiance for summer evenings.

Outdoor Solar Lighting – The Sensible First Step

Consumers trying to go solar for environmental and financial reasons often feel overwhelmed at the prospect of installing solar panels on their property. However, there are many ways to start your solar journey that are not complicated at all. Of these, switching your outdoor lighting to solar power is one of the easiest and most cost efficient ways of beginning your transition to solar energy.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, nearly 20% of residential electricity is used for lighting. A significant portion of this is outdoor lighting, which is on for many hours daily – often up to twelve, causing constant CO emissions. Switching to solar means getting that electricity from a renewable, clean source. This single step can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.
Aside from the environmental benefits, the financial savings can also be impressive. While powering your home with solar panels will often involve a financial outlay that will take time to recoup, solar lights are relatively inexpensive. Their constant usage ensures that they will pay for themselves rather quickly, and thereafter provide continuous savings on your electric bill by using free solar energy.
And the best thing is that these benefits are available to anyone – absolutely no technical or solar knowledge is necessary! Solar powered lamps are incredibly easy to install. Since there is no wiring involved, they do not require a licensed electrician or professional experience. By simply following the manufacturer’s instructions, you can have your solar lamp lighting up your garden in no time.
Light fixtures powered by the sun also require very little maintenance. The LED (light emitting diodes) light bulbs that they use can last for decades, and the rechargeable batteries, which store the sun’s energy, can last for 1-2 years before losing efficiency.
There are also practical benefits to powering your outdoor lights with solar energy. The placement of conventional outdoor lamps are limited to where electric wiring can easily reach. Not so solar powered lamps. These can be installed at the precise location of your choosing, as far as that may be from any source of artificial energy. You can now illuminate any part of your landscape, placing the lamps at the most strategic locations.
Another benefit is obvious – your lights will continue to shine in the event of a power outage!
Using solar powered lamps will save you money, while reducing carbon emissions. They give you the liberty of creativity in designing your outdoor space, and freedom from the hassle of installation. They are the perfect first step to take in liberating yourself from the electric grid.

Benefits of Solar Outdoor Accessories

Benefits of Solar Outdoor Accessories

Creating the ideal ambiance in your outdoor patio or garden is an important part of owning a home. Enjoying time outdoors is one of the best parts of summer, and adding fun accessories to make your outdoor lounge more inviting and inspiring is important. It’s hard to get through a conversation with neighbors these days without mentioning the possibilities of using solar energy. Changing your outdoor accessories to solar-powered devices is a great way to get started changing your energy source. There are so many benefits to solar power, you’ll be shocked at the difference it will make.



Via Modernize

No More Pesky Cords

Solar items require no outlets, meaning no awkward cords all over your yard. Having too many cords can be dangerous for children playing, who can trip over them while running or curiously play with the sockets. Solar items have small solar panels that absorb light and then transfer it into electricity, storing it within a generator. These cordless models allow homeowners to install lighting wherever it’s needed without being hindered by considering the proximity to an outlet. These lights are also not affected by power outages and can be an important guide to navigating outdoors in the event of power loss.

Say Goodbye to High Utility Bills

Solar powered lights also save you money. In general, these lights are cheaper than traditional garden lights. They are so easy to install. You will save loads of money in labor by being able to install solar lights yourself. These lights can remain lit without causing your utility bill to rise. Many homeowners pause before buying outdoor lighting because they consider the negative effect this new system will have on their monthly bill. With solar lighting, this concern is eliminated.

Energy-Efficient and Forward-Thinking

Solar powered outdoor accessories are environmentally friendly.The lights are self-charging throughout the day and are powered by the sun’s natural energy at absolutely no cost. This energy is stored within the device. The accessories can remain operational at night by running off of the stored energy. By replacing your outdoor appliances with solar models, you have the opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce consumption.

Not Just Functional, but Attractive, Too

Solar accessories are more visually appealing than ever. Some homeowners resist switching to solar because they’ve seen ugly models in the past and prefer their more attractive electric devices. Take a second look and you will be shocked to see, new solar solutions are much more enticing. Many look identical to electric models, while others have an even more modern and innovative design. Available in a wide variety of colors and styles, shopping for solar powered fountains and lighting will be thrilling. It’s fun to view the new designs and find something that will work for your home. You will feel accomplished when you install the perfect model for your new eco-friendly outdoor space.

Adding solar accessories to your outdoor area is a smart way to make your home more modern and eco friendly. Go to Modernize for more hints on how to incorporate solar power into your home. You will feel accomplished by taking small steps to a more sustainable life.

Solar energy is for everyone!

Solar energy is no longer the radical concept it once was. Speak to anyone you meet, and they will agree that harnessing the strength  of the sun is definitely the ecologically responsible way to power our lives.

However, not enough people are making use of this technology. Why?

One major misconception which prevents people from actually using this very simple form of green energy is the
idea that using solar energy requires a major overhaul of electric infrastructure, and costs a lot of money.

That isn’t necessarily true, however. While you may not be ready to outfit your home with solar panels to supply all your electrical needs, every small step counts. There are thousands of products on the market to choose from today, appealing to every interest and budget. Choosing even one item that fits your budget represents a major step in the right direction. How so, you ask? Well, it’s like what you’ve been told about going out to vote. While it’s true that in large elections your vote has a very small chance of deciding the outcome (although it is definitely possible!), when thousands of individual votes come together, it is a tremendous force for change. The same applies here. Imagine the positive effect of millions of people reducing their power consumption by a small bit- on a daily basis. The accumulative effect would be huge! So yes, every watt powered by clean energy is indeed an accomplishment- and an easy one at that!

Stay tuned for some easy and inexpensive ways to go solar- today!