sCharger-8 Portable USB Solar Charger

sCharger-8 Portable USB Solar ChargersCharger-8 Portable USB Solar Charger
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sCharger-8 Portable USB Solar Charger sCharger-8 Portable USB Solar Charger sCharger-8 Portable USB Solar Charger
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Product Code: sCharger-8 Portable USB Solar Charger
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Solar Charger 

Introducing Purely Solar’s latest solar charger model; the sCharger-8 USB Solar Charger, this medium sized solar charger combines both the lightweight portability of the sCharger-5 and the powerful and dual-port capability of the sCharger-14. The sCharger-8 is capable of capturing over 1.6 AMPS (1600mA) of pure power from the sun, so you will never have to rely on home electrical sockets or rechargeable batteries ever again.

The sCharger-8 is a great alternative if you need more power than the sCharger-5 (1 Amp) but want to save some cost over the sCharger-14(2.8 Amp) charger. The sCharger-8 is also a great choice for mid-sized tablets.  Although it also charges full sized tablets at an impressive rate.

Use it Anywhere Under the Sun

Improve your outdoor lifestyle with the sCharger-8, use it while camping, hiking, boating or kayaking, outdoor events like festivals, bike tours, and have one available in case of power outages or emergency disaster situations.

Charge and Use Two Devices While Solar Charging

One of the best features of the sCharger-8 is having the ability to charge TWO devices at the same time, you can even charge your devices while using it at the same time. Imagine you’re at the beach or camping and solar charging your smartphone will talking or texting, while streaming music to a bluetooth speaker while it’s charging on the second port! This unique capability is unheard of in other portable solar brands.

Charge Anything With a USB Connection

The sCharger-8 works extremely well with all Apple iPhone models (4S, 5, 5C and 5S), all Samsung Galaxy smartphone models (S4, 5, and S5), Samsung Galaxy Note, iPad (1-4, mini, and Air), all iPod models, HTC One, Google Nexus, Nokia Lumia, Android phones, Blackberry, Kindles, Nooks and other eReaders, GoPro, Canon, Nikon, USB batteries (Anker), AA/AAA battery chargers, Bluetooth speakers, GPS devices, Vaporizers, basically anything that can charge from a computer’s USB port.

Efficient High Quality Solar Cells

What makes the sCharger-8 so powerful is its Grade-A mono-crystalline solar cells, the most powerful solar cells in the industry (18%-19% efficiency). Other USB solar chargers use weak, low current solar cells, which means the longer it will take to power your rechargeable devices.

Built in Auto-Retry Technology

The sCharger-8 has something that the leading competition does not have; “Auto-Retry Technology”. The sCharger-8 will immediately re-start charging within minutes after being temporarily blocked from the sun, other portable USB solar chargers require a manual reset in order to start charging again. With the sCharger-8, you will never have to worry if your device is charging properly.

Durable and Built to Last

The sCharger-8 is built last, it’s durable enough to sustain critical damage, and can be dropped in water and will still work as intended (just dry off before use). You can trust in our American made company, we build the most reliable, durable, and powerful solar charger on the market. We believe in our American made products, and we know for a fact that our portable solar chargers are the absolute best choice for your portable energy needs, or your money back, guaranteed!

Comes Complete With:

The sCharger-8 USB Solar Charger / Durable Case / User Manual / 5-Year Warranty / Quickstart Guide / 5-Year Warranty Card

Charge time comparison:

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• Grade-A mono-crystalline solar cells
• Independent dual output, Standard USB “A” connectors
• USB output power: 5V,(1600mA), 8 Watts
• Size: 7.7 x 7.1 closed, 7.7 x 14.6 open
• Weight: 14oz (395g)
• Indicators LED
• DuPont Flex Circuitry
• Handles temps up to 160F
• Water proof to 40 feet
• Solar cell efficiency: 19%

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